Monday Musings: Spin Me Edition

Good morning! Hope your weekend was super duper. We got to enjoy a preview of the fall weather for a brief moment, but it was enough to get my totally jazzed about autumn and the upcoming holidays. ūüôā Time for musings!

pumpkin spice oreo

Speaking of fall, Pumpkin Spice Oreos are out, and while I couldn’t find any at my store yesterday, this review of their taste does have me a bit intrigued. Mostly because they apparently don’t taste very pumpkiny at all. Ha!

My guilty pleasure is the snooze button. And while I’m not one of those people who uses my phone as an alarm clock, this app that forces you to spin around in order to turn off your alarm sounds like it could be pretty great for people like me.

There’s a zillion types of home-monitoring cameras on the market. But the Withings¬†Home¬†definitely looks the prettiest and seems to have a bunch of added features I could definitely see myself using.

And finally, just in time for the upcoming holidays and parties, animal gift wrap from Luckies of London will make everyone jealy of your gift-wrapping skills.


Monday Musings: Serendipity Edition

Good morning, folks! Who else is supes excited for the upcoming holiday weekend? I’m especially pumped¬†since we’ll be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary in a much cooler state than triple-digit-Texas. Time for musings!


Since a good amount of our weekend consisted of avoiding the heat, we caught up on some TV and docs we’ve been wanting to check out. The most enjoyable was definitely “BoJack Horseman” on Netflix. They released all 12 30-minute episodes on Friday and we couldn’t help going through them all in one sitting.¬†Check it out!

FXX is playing every Simpsons episode ever¬†(in order) which will span a total of 12 days and also include “The Simpsons Movie.” In light of the marathon, check out the 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Simpsons Episodes.

If everyone’s boasting on¬†social media has you feeling¬†less than adequate, the Remember Win¬†app tracks your finest moments and reminds you of them later on. And who doesn’t want to feel like an BAMF?

Check out the trailer for the new Foo Fighters Sonic Highways HBO series that premieres this October. Looking forward to catching this!

And finally, Spotify Serendipty¬†shows you people who are playing the same song at the same time.¬†The Serendipity map quickly zooms in on the two users and plays the song for a few seconds ‚ÄĒ then, it’s off to the next pairing.

Monday Musings: Fuzzy Food Edition

Hey there! Hope your Monday is off to a great start. Lots of fun things going on in the pop-culture world!

fuzzy doritos

There’s an album out right now entirely composed of one man’s narrated dreams that his roommate recorded. Pretty wild stuff.

I can’t wait for the new Guillermo del Toro animated movie the “Book of Life”¬†that’s coming out this Halloween.

Check out the most disastrous typos in Western history.

A British artist created a convenience store where every item is made of felt as part of a temporary art installation.

And finally, Shark Week officially kicked off yesterday. Check out crazy SharkCam footage to get you ready.

Monday Musings: Smooth Move Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! After a busy weekend, it was nice to take some time to find these fun tidbits.

rejected vanity plates the awesomesauce

Did you know there’s a robot hitchhiking its way across Canada?

The Onion¬†found a way to make women’s morning routines so much easier (and creepier).

Check out these hidden celebrity cameos in movies.

I’m looking forward to checking out this documentary on the tiny house movement.

And finally, these rejected California vanity plates are, and the various responses from the DMV, are hilarious.

Monday Musings: Strange Mail Edition

Hello there! Hopefully your late July isn’t as scorching as it is here in the Big D. At least we have plenty of time to catch¬†up on our Netflix queue and old favorites. Time for musings!


I was OBSESSED with the TMNT when I younger and have very mixed feelings about the new version about to come out. Why do they look so scary??? Anywho, Pizza Hut is (understandably) trying to get as much traction as possible from the new movie. So much so that they created a real-life Pizza Tank.

Best Buy channels Max Fisher from “Rushmore” in their latest ad.

If you’re an adventure lover, this epic kayaking video¬†might make you so jealy you’ll be jam.

For those not freaking out by GMOs, seedless mangos are now a reality.

If you’re looking for a creative outlet, and want to learn more about the U.S. Postal Service in the process, Ripley’s is having its annual Strange Mail Contest and is challenging people to send weird things in the mail, with correct postage attached, and no container/envelope for a chance to volumes 1-10 of its annual book. The contest ends September 5th!

Monday Musings: And We’re Back Edition

We’re finally back from an epic vacation and quite the break from blogging. But I’m back and ready to share more awesome things with you – starting with today’s musings.

Carissa Gallo

Carissa Gallo

I’m not a huge fan of the girls who wear flower crowns (I guess they’re fine at a music festival, but still…), but I did laugh at the male equivalent – Beard Flowers.

I’m really glad we didn’t run into Penelope while we were in Brooklyn the other day.

I couldn’t want this cloud lamp that has simulated lightning and thunder (and even does a light show to music!!) anymore than I do. Bad ass!

Watch these guys do a hella good tribute to Daft Punk.

And finally, my favorite this week, Nice One Dad has all the epic Dad jokes you can think of in one place.

Monday Musings: Vacation Edition


The awesomesauce is on vacation for the Fourth of July holiday. Enjoy celebrating our beautiful country with your framily, and keep up with us on our Facebook page. See you next week!