HBO for All?


This could possibly be awesome.

Until now, HBO GO was only available to actual HBO subscribers. But now HBO is tinkering with the idea of joining with their broadband partners and offering HBO as an add-on to your monthly Internet service at a lower cost. You could tack on an extra $10-$15 to your broadband bill and be able to watch all the cool, original content HBO offers. HBO’s CEO said they wouldn’t offer an Internet-only product because it’s not in its best interest, but with so many of HBO’s shows being pirated online, they may change their tune soon (which would be awesome).

You can read the full story here.

I think our cable bill is already out of control which is why we’ve postponed upgrading to have channels like HBO, but we end up watching a lot of the HBO shows once they’re on DVD anyways, so this would totally be worth it to us. What do you think? Is this enticing enough for us non-HBO subscribers?


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