Heineken Ignite

Have you always wished your beer bottle would do more for you when you’re out at the bar or concert? Well, your moment has finally arrived.

At Milan Design Week, as part of Heineken’s Lounge of the Future concept, Heineken introduced a “smart” beer bottle that interacts with other bottles, its environment and the people around it. Heineken Ignite is the company’s first interactive beer bottle, and they believe this interactive technology will create a more rewarding experience for the drinker. The interactive bottle has wireless networking technology, eight bright LEDs and micro sensors that can tell when people clink their bottle and say “Cheers.” It even reacts when you take a sip and when the music gets bumping. Check out a video of the product below:

I was at an EDM/hip-hop/indie music festival last month, and this little gem would have been so fun to have. Although I’m not a huge beer drinker (what about LED wine bottles??), I can see the appeal of this. And when you’re out at a club or concert, I feel people who may not even be Heineken drinkers will want to buy a bottle just for the cool light show and to play around with their friends. Cheers Heineken!


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