Monday Musings: Earth Day Edition

Happy Monday and Happy Earth Day everyone! Take after the Sanitation Twins and do something nice for the environment today and take care of each other, okay?

lil bubCelebrate Earth Day by checking out 10 sites and apps that help you reduce, reuse, recycle and make the world a better place. The iRecycle app is awesome.

Got a case of the Mondays? See these funny pictures of people who are more tired than you.

Check out the humanae Tumblr project that wants to catalog all possible human skin tones.

Because every day could use some sloth in it, check out these sketches of sloths dressed as Disney princesses.

And finally, I really wish I could be at the Tribeca Film Festival, but appreciated this list of the 13 must-see films from the fest. I can’t wait to see Flex is Kings (love dancing), Almost Christmas (love Paul Rudd), Greetings from Tim Buckley (hey, Dan Humphrey) and Lil Bub & Friendz (celebricats!).


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