Monday Musings: Music and Grub Edition

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend full of great, spring weather and activities. Time for this week’s musings!


With a pending visit to IKEA, and the dread of knowing all the assembly in our future, I was excited to hear about this robot from the Italian Institute of Technology that they’re training to assemble IKEA furniture.

I can never get enough of OK Go and their crazy music videos. Now they’re teaming up with Sony to capture the sound of the Northern Lights and hear what instruments sound like in sonic spaces. They plan to launch the video in early May. Can’t wait!

Whether it’s using reusable grocery bags, recycling  or avoiding using disposable silverware and plates, I’m always trying to help out the environment. Now there’s The Edible Spoon that allows you to eat your utensil once you’re done with your meal. It even comes in plain, spicy and sweet flavors that can enhance your food.

GrubHub recently did a study showing how warmer weather impacts what people tend to order in different cities. And apparently Chicagoans like their consistency.

And finally, Mike D and Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys have signed a memoir deal for a book celebrating the group’s history and aesthetic. Very excited to check this out!


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