My crazy obsession with My Crazy Obsession

Have you been watching My Crazy Obsession on TLC?


Needless to say, I’m obsessed with the show. For those not familiar, it’s the second season of the show and features people who will admit they’re obsessed with ____, which can include wearing three different types of wigs every day, dressing up a pet squirrel or mustard among others. I actually watch most of these types of shows that TLC puts on like Freaky Eaters and My Strange Addiction. It’s just so interesting seeing how people rationalize their obsessions and not give a damn what other people think.

The best line came from a supportive husband whose wife is obsessed with pigs: “As long as it doesn’t get me in trouble with the law, she can have her have a pet pig.” Actually, I think the best part of the show is watching the significant other or kids support their wife/ husband/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ mother/ father with their weird obsession. You hear a lot of “happy wife, happy life” and “whatever makes him/her happy,” which is great because it’s showing how you should love someone – weirdness and all.

Plus the show gives you amazing visuals like the lady obsessed with Barbie (probably one of my favorite episodes so far) skipping down the street….barefoot….with her Barbie…in matching outfits. I mean, seriously? Seriously!

All in all, another great show on The Learning Channel. I think we may have forgotten that’s what TLC stood for. What’s your favorite episode?


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