Monday Musings: Rock and Roll Edition

Good Monday morning to you. Hopefully you had a fun weekend celebrating May the Fourth and Cinco de Mayo. Here’s some musings to get you ready for the week.


After laughing at Fred Armisen showing off Google Glass on Weekend Update this past weekend, we can all appreciate the dorkiness that is White Guys Wearing Google Glass. I mean, they even managed to make Pete Cashmore from Mashable (who’s a total babe) look pretty silly.

I LOVE these simple infographics from a Milan creative agency that outline the lives of famous celebs and historical figures. The Marie Antoinette one is my favorite.

Not gonna lie, this convertible desk-bed reminded me of George from Seinfeld when he asked Jerry’s contractor to build him a place to sleep under his desk. But it’s a pretty rad design, and would obviously be loved by numerous people burning the midnight oil at work.

I listened to a good amount of Metallica in high school. So it was pretty awesome to see James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett perform “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Friday’s Giants/Dodgers game.

And finally, this collection of the food and drink items musicians request when they’re performing made me so happy. Frank Sinatra and I could have totally hanged together (see above). Kinda surprised by Rihanna’s items. Not at all surprised by Britney’s.


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