Cool kids play with their food

Food fads like molecular gastronomy, cupcakes and bacon on everything have come and gone. Some stay for awhile (casseroles) and others disappear as quickly as they showed up on the market (remember the WOW fat-free potato chips from Frito-Lay?). Now, the newest food trend popping up in restaurants and catering companies is interactive food.

pinch food design interactive food awesomesauce

A boutique catering company in New York called Pinch Food Design want to entertain and inspire with food “as delicious as it is daring, and design as inviting as it is innovative.” Pinch Plated from founders Bob Spiegel, chef, and TJ Girard, designer, offers three-course dinner parties that encourage diners to play with their food.

Tuna sushi and beets are served with “trim your own” micro salad in a peel-back sardine tin with embroidery scissors on the side. They serve hunks of filet onto a smoking hot rock with bamboo tongs, sauce Béarnaise, Brussels sprouts and truffled potatoes. Innovative tablescapes and presentation marry design elements and food for a impactful experience that Spiegel hopes will stir change for the catering industry.

Restaurants have also started to feature menu items that require the diner to “build” their food or take the pieces provided to create their or dish. Like painting creamy reductions and sauces on a phyllo canvas with actual paintbrushes. Who says you’re too old to play with your food?


2 Responses to Cool kids play with their food

  1. sofiaruzo says:

    Emily Post is rolling in her grave! So funny. Love your blog, Angela!!

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