Monday Musings: Favs Edition

Happy Monday! Hopefully you had a nice weekend celebrating the moms in your life and maybe even catching the Gatsby movie. Time for musings!


This subway map of the best movies of all time should have been in last week’s musings batch and was too good to not share.

I’ve felt overwhelmed by the amount of fitness trackers out there. But with Misfit Shine scheduled to hit the market in June, I may have found the one for me.

I have a slight obsession with Target, along with a million other people I’m sure, and stunts like this remind me of why the brand is so cool. And why I always manage to find a reason to visit Target and leave with things not on my list.

Check out this hilarious Craigslist ad created by an advertising copywriter trying to sell his beat-up bike.

And finally, the Arrested Development season 4 trailer is out and I can barely contain my excitement. May 26th can’t get here soon enough!


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