The latest in parental guidance

I’m at an age when it seems all my friends and neighbors are pregnant or trying to start their families. It’s an exciting time, but even more so with all the new technology available to soon-to-be or new parents. I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the tech that’s available for new families.


This new iPhone app and web portal lets you track your fertility so you know when you’re more likely to conceive. And using real-time data, rather than arithmetic-based calculations like other trackers, this app has helped women conceive up to three times faster than the national average. The app itself is free with premium features costing a one-time fee of $10 for the app and $50 for web and mobile.

Certain hospitals across the country are offering BeBeVu which allows parents to purchase their full-motion ultrasound video online. Which, of course, allows the already proud parents to share the video with family and friends across their social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. I guess you can never start your kid’s digital trail too soon!

Cry Translator
Okay, when I first saw this I immediately thought of that Simpsons episode where Homer’s brother Herb invents The Baby Translator that translates babies’ cries into his voice asking for something. Well someone thought that was actually worth creating and now we have the Cry Translator app for iOS. The creators claim the app will “help parents and caregivers pay early and effective attention which can soothe a baby crying.” It promises to figure out what the baby needs and recommend solutions in under 10 seconds. There’s a lengthy informational test video on their website. I guess we’ll have to wait and hear from desperate parents if the app is worth the $4.99 they’re currently charging.

Samsung SmartCam WiFi Baby Monitor
There are a plethora of baby monitors available to parents, but this one allows you to connect the baby monitor to your WiFi network allowing you to see the feed from you computer, tablet or smartphone. There’s a two-way talk feature, night vision, audio/motion detection and notification, and the ability to record and share on to your private YouTube channel. Great for when a parent is traveling or for out-of-town grandparents.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer
This one is technically not on the market yet, but they are accepting contributions on Indiegogo. This thermometer would actually plug into your iPhone through the headphone jack and, aside from telling you your temperature, it can provide treatment advice and symptoms to watch for if the illness becomes serious. If your condition does escalate, the app can call your doctor or book appointments at your local medical clinic. In less serious situations, the app can access local health groups to see if there are seasonal or communal illnesses in your area. You can even create a profile to track your health over a period of time. A $25 pledge gets you into the Kinsa community. But hurry up – only 23 days left to join.

Have you used any of these apps or devices? Or have you discovered something awesome other parents should know about? Share!


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