Monday Musings: I Can’t Believe It’s June! Edition

Can you believe it’s already June? Neither can I! Time for musings!


Watch this fantastic video of a little boy making the case for vegetarianism.

The guy behind Convos With My 2 Year Old recently posted a second video. And it. Is. Hilarious!

Miss the days of walkie-talkies? FaceTime is great if you’re connected to a WiFi network, but what if you’re not? The new app Glide allows you to send private video messages in real-time, even to your friends that are offline. They can watch you while you’re broadcasting or the message can be saved for later. So now you can get your friend’s opinion on your outfit immediately, or send a “Wish you were here” video from the beach to make all your friends jealous. Fun!

There’s no reason to worry about upcoming summer travel when airports have dogs to help ease your stress and send you off in a good mood. Who’s a good boy?!

Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” is clearly this year’s summer jam. And you’ve probs seen the Celine Dion mashup of her “dancing” to the awesome tune by now. BUT it’s no match for this compilation of Soul Train dancers dancing PERFECTLY to the song. I even managed to find my dancing twin at 1:28.

Happy Monday!


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