Monday Musings: Better Late Than Never Edition

Happy Monday evening, folks. Apologies for sending musings a bit late – I’ve been extending the Father’s Day fun with my family through today. Time for musings!

you made that

In celebration of Photoshop’s 25th anniversary, The New York Times Magazine’s launched the You Made That web-based app. One of the app creators, Christopher Neiman, was inspired by finger-painting and it’s quite the time suck. Also check out the Who Made That? portion of the magazine issue. Good stuff!

In case you hadn’t heard, rapper Bun B created a Jumbo Coloring and Rap Activity Book, and it’s pretty awesome. You can get a preview (the actual book is scheduled to be released in September) on his Tumblr page.

See graphic designer Marc Ghali’s recent project Then & Now on Behance. He combines the faces of two similar public figures who were born decades apart into one image.

I love watermelon. And I love Oreos. But those two together?

And finally, I’m still giggling at Mean Gurlz – the Mean Girls parody set in Compton. #splitsontrees (Thanks for sending, Melissa!)


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