Monday Musings: Officially Summer Edition

Happy Monday and this particularly warm day. I guess it’s only fitting since it’s now officially summer. Hopefully you got a chance to see the supermoon (really, how could you miss it?) and caught the season finale of Mad Men. Time for musings!


As a cheese lover, I was SUPER excited about the latest study from the Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry that says eating cheese (and other dairy products) can protect tooth enamel and prevent cavities. And now I’ll feel justified in my wine and cheese dinner.

We mentioned the Cronut a few weeks back (and people are still cray cray for the pastry), but now there’s a new mutant dessert: the icecaron (a cross between ice cream and a macaron). Nice.

Everyone has been talking about the collection of summer songs from over the years. Check out this year’s compilation too. I still think “Get Lucky” should be the main jam this summer. And, I’d hate to admit it, but Selena Gomez does have one catchy tune right now.

With crummy summer TV on, and mainstream theaters packed with people catching the latest big budget movies, why not check out the indie films on this list of 50 Indie Movies to See Before You Die.

And finally, I LOVED this quiz where you have to decide if the sentence is a Yeezy lyric from his new album or a Lucille Bluth quote. Just. Awesome.


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