Monday Musings: Quick Fun Edition

Happy Monday, all. Hopefully you’ll be enjoying a (very) short week before the July Fourth holiday. Have fun, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen. Time for musings!


Have you seen this week’s New Yorker cover? Pretty cute, regardless of your stance on DOMA.

Thug Kitchen is an awesome new Tumblr blog that offers gourmet, healthy recipes with a side of humor and saucy language.

I’m a self-proclaimed dog person, but do have an appreciation for cats – and all the silly cat pictures on the interwebs. The new Snapcat Google Play app lets cats take selfies by pawing at a red dot on the screen, and then lets you share the pictures across your social networks. How meta.

Check out this interesting study on how the type of utensils we use can actually alter the way our food tastes.

And finally, even if you’re not on Pinterest (but seriously, how have you avoided it this long?), you have to check out this board called My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter. In the same vein as Suri’s Burn Book, follow imaginary toddler Quinoa on all her fashion and travel adventures.



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