Monday Musings: Rainy Day Edition

Hello on this rainy Monday. Hopefully you all had a nice weekend. I danced my life away at a concert, laughed more than I should have watching “Spring Breakers,” then enjoyed being rained-in by having another GoT marathon with the hubs. Time for musings!

99 Problems

99 Problems

Holy crap, I want this Lego kitchen island.

I had too much fun looking through Ali Graham’s illustrations of Jay-Z dealing with 99 Problems. I think #32 may be my favorite.

My friend and I are pretty close followers of the Royal family, and we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Prince/Princess of Cambridge. Lee Boulton and KK Outlet have created an unofficial commemorative royal-themed alphabet called the “Royalphabet” that illustrates the royal history this little baby will inherit.

Taste the Font mixes three of my favorite things, typography, design and food! What a fun idea!

And finally, I loved looking at the Portraits génétiques images from French-Canadian photographer Ulric Collette. He photographs two family members then combines the photos into one image to show his fascination with genetics. Very cool.


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