Monday Musings: Throwback Edition

Happy Monday afternoon! Hopefully your weekend felt long and your Monday flew by like mine did. I got to check out Girl Most Likely (meh, it was only okay, nothing to write home about), and then binge-watched the Netflix series Orange is the New Black and I’m pretty much obsessed. If you haven’t checked it out yet you should! Time for musings!

breaking bad simpsonsThis (old) picture of a turtle being thrown off a boat is pretty hilarious. Thanks Ben for sending!

As we’re figuring out our fall music festival/concert lineup, I was excited to hear about Lanyard, a concert diary site that has a huge database of past and future concerts that you can add to your profile along with photos, notes and ratings of the event. It will even share the set lists from each show and link to Spotify so you can relive the magic. Very cool.

Check out some pop culture characters illustrated as Simpsons characters. Loved seeing the GoT characters.

So, Carl’s Jr. is selling its Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwiches nationally now if you’d rather not bother with making them at home.

And finally, check out this (sadly fake) movie trailer for Daria’s High School Reunion based on the awesome MTV (when MTV was still good) show from the late 90s. Aubrey Plaza is great as Daria and somehow this needs to be made into a real movie.


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