Monday Musings: Hot House Edition

Happy Monday from a seriously hot house! Our AC decided to be lamesauce today and peter out during the hottest month of the year. Luckily it’s being fixed as I type and we have multiple fans on to keep us (and our hot Frenchie) cool. And I’ve yet to feel this frustrated. Time for musings!

Hot Dog

Have you seen the Camp Gyno ad from Hello Flo that everyone has been talking about? It’s super funny, and a welcome change from all the blue liquid ads, but apparently the actual product the ad is selling it getting mixed reviews.

This sounds both ridiculous and pretty cool at the same time. The Sol Wave House in Majorca, Spain harnesses the power of Twitter to give guests a unique hotel experience.

I pretty sure my hot dog would appreciate this right now. MiCasa Lab is working on creating a floating carpet that will lift small pets (and, hopefully one day, humans) by using magnets.

Check out the latest video from Jay-Z. Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Filmwhich debuted on HBO over the weekend, was directed by Mark Romanek who was inspired by Marin Abramović’s The Artist is Present MoMA performance and film.

And finally, be sure you know how to properly pronounce the 79 Common Mispronunciations from Mental Floss.


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