Monday Musings: Music, Art and Augmented Reality Edition

Happy Monday! Hopefully your weekend was everything you wanted and needed. I got to go home and spend time with my family which was great. Then it was time for the Breaking Bad midseason premiere which did not disappoint! I didn’t move my hand away from my shocked face until this morning. Time for musings!


Speaking of Breaking Bad, check out this guy playing the show’s theme song with items you’d find in a meth lab. Crazy.

Did you know today is Vinyl Record Day? Not to be confused with Record Store Day.  The New York Public Library should have waited a few more days to start the sale of its record collection!

At a game night party over the weekend, we found out a friend’s husband has never seen Mean Girls which baffled a lot of us. Maybe she can just send him this video of a guy reciting the entire movie in less than 30 minutes. So fetch!

Amazon recently announced the launch of Amazon Art, which connects customers to over 150 galleries and dealers with more than 40,000 pieces of work. I couldn’t be a bigger Amazon fangirl.

And finally, I’ve always been a fan of brands that successfully use augmented reality; the latest being IKEA. Their 2014 catalog enables customers to place virtual furniture in their home using the catalog and accompanying app, or by viewing the catalog on your smartphone of tablet.


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