Everyone wants to break bad

The final episodes of Breaking Bad officially kicked off last Sunday, and everyone is so excited to see how this amazing series comes to a close. The best part of the Breaking Bad frenzy is all the superfans who are creating parodies. Check out the most recent ones that have people talking:


Middle School Musical: Breaking Bad
I wasn’t expecting this to be as great as it ended up being! The clever little scenes, costumes and adjustments to make the storyline “kid-appropriate” (minus the fact that it’s based on a show about cooking and selling crystal meth) was too awesome.

Breaking Bad Jr.
You want to cook bubblegum? The idea for this kid-version of the hit show actually came from middle schooler Ian Hollowood (with full parental support). Very well made and I love the ending!

Joking Bad
So technically Jimmy Fallon hasn’t released his parody yet called “Joking Bad,” but he did share a trailer to get you excited. LATE may still be my favorite TV parody Jimmy has done, but I can’t wait to see his latest in September!

Which other Breaking Bad parodies have you seen and enjoyed?


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