Monday Musings: Pizza Phone Edition

Happy Monday again! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I got to enjoy a three-day weekend with the hubby, grilled out, saw “We’re the Millers” (pretty amusing) and, of course, Breaking Bad. Time for musings!


I loved reading this story about “Sansa” adopting “Lady” after she was killed in season one of Game of Thrones.

Prince has made quite the commotion when he began actively using Twitter last week; posting funny pictures such as this gem. But the best so far has to go to this tweet featuring Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince from one of his True Hollywood Story skits to announce his single “Breakfast Can Wait.” Just awesome.

Seeing this video makes you want to give street musicians a little more attention.

Speaking of street performers, #DAFTSIGNZ has raised the bar on sign spinning.

And finally, I’ve always been a huge lover of pizza. Like seriously, it’s one of my most favorite foods ever. And to hear that this one hotel is catering to pizza fanatics like myself; it makes me wonder how long until other hotels will follow suit. Pizza phones, people. Get on it!


2 Responses to Monday Musings: Pizza Phone Edition

  1. Mercie says:

    Love Dave Chappel and Prince thanks for sharing

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