Monday Musings: We Survived the VMAs Edition

Happy Monday, folks! Did you catch all the crazy TV last night? Between Miley Cyrus’ traumatizing VMA performance to my jaw being on the floor for most of Breaking Bad, I felt like I had emotional whiplash last night. Time for musings!


So this happened last night at the VMAs. Sort of.

If you somehow missed the VMAs (and everyone’s live-tweeting and comments), Buzzfeed has a quick recap of the highlights.

Check out some current and former SNL cast members relive their auditions with Lorne Michaels.

OMG, the Newseum will have the Sex Panther prop at its “Anchorman: The Exhibit” opening November 14.

Here’s a weird list of the phobias of various famous people. I was surprised by Johnny Depp’s apparent phobia!

And finally, it’s National Dog Day! Take a walk with your furry friend, or have an extra long game of fetch out in the yard today. And if you’re thinking of getting your own canine companion, please consider adoption first!


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