Monday Musings: New-Stalgia Edition

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. My husband and I spent the last week celebrating our anniversary in sunny Cabo San Lucas where we enjoyed lots of sunshine and delicious food and drink. If you plan to head down Mexico way, I can’t say enough good things about the Esperanza Resort. Seriously, you can’t go wrong! Time for musings!


Don’t you remember the macaroni phone?

I tend to choose our vacation destinations based on the tasty food options. Now with EatWith, you can meet amateur cooks and buy tickets to eat a home-cooked meal at their house. The site also has destinations abroad. EatWith works hard to ensure pleasant dining experiences and verifies the chefs by visiting their homes. I’d love to have a homey meal from an Italian grandma!

Last night’s Breaking Bad had me covering my eyes and screaming at the TV. Can you believe there’s only three episodes left? Everyone will be in a state of depression once it’s over, but at least we’ll still be able to enjoy fun projects from superfans, like this girl who visits the real set locations from the show and holds up a screenshot for comparison.

Here are 14 things you didn’t know about Sriracha, because we already knew it was amazingly delicious.

This surprisingly touching ad from Guinness is getting a lot of attention. It’s nice when brands really change it up!

And finally, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese recently launched a clever ad campaign for their new mac and cheese flavors. Using a “new-stalgic” angle, Kraft wants to make it seem like their Garlic & Herb Alfredo, Buffalo Cheddar and Cheesy Southwest Chipotle have been around for ages. They even have a site full of fake historic moments where the cheesy noodles played an important role. Very fun and well done!


One Response to Monday Musings: New-Stalgia Edition

  1. Mercie Pena says:

    Loved it all. The home cooked meal while away sounds interesting. Not sure if I’d follow through though. But thanks for sharing. Look forward to all you have to say each week. Keep’em coming

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