Awesome ways to celebrate Friday the 13th

So it’s Friday the 13th, and unless you have paraskevidekatriaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th, it’s just any other Friday, right? See how you can make the most of this weirdo of a day!


Wonder who is crazy enough to board flight 666 to HEL today.

Watch the entire Friday the 13th collection. Obvi.

Shop online, because apparently a lot of people are weary about doing business or traveling today, which causes the U.S. to lose $800-900 million on Friday the 13th.

Make a baker’s dozen of something delicious.

Listen to these songs that talk about Friday the 13th. Or do the opposite and listen to this “lucky” playlist on Spotify:

Test your luck and see if today is your lucky day by buying a lottery ticket.

Have a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal (or just the marshmallow charms). You know, just for good measure.


And don’t worry if you can’t get to all these today. Start planning for the next Friday the 13th: December 13, 2013!


2 Responses to Awesome ways to celebrate Friday the 13th

  1. LO says:

    When I was flying to SA once a month, I totally flew on Friday the 13 at least once. Don’t remember the flight being especially empty, And I love that Spotify playlist! Thought I am sad that Britney Spears “Lucky” didn’t make the list . . .”she’s so lucky . . . she’s a star, but she cry cry cries . . . “

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