Monday Musings: Dogs, Relaxation and More Edition

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was nice weekend. I spent mine starting fall holiday crafts, celebrating a friend’s birthday, seeing “The Family” (meh, wait for it on Redbox if you’re even interested) and having a heart attack watching last night’s Breaking Bad. Time for musings!


These 35 pictures show the lighter side of Breaking Bad, which is much needed after last night’s hour-long stress fest.

Having a stressful Monday? Visit this site which teaches you to do nothing and relax for a solid two minutes.

TED speakers are teaming up with a media analytics firm to choose the best ads of the year. Pretty good stuff.

Uhm, can you believe Bravo is making an unscripted show of regular people on the couch, watching and commenting on the latest shows and news?

And finally, I love this site that answers the most important movie question: Does the Dog Die?


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