Monday Musings: Shuffle Step Edition

Happy Monday morning! Hopefully you had a nice weekend welcoming fall and watching the Emmy’s. I know I couldn’t be happier about cooler weather and all the fall activities coming up. Time for musings!


The Emmy’s weren’t the best, but luckily the two I were rooting for (Michael Douglas and Breaking Bad) won, but this random guy seems to be one of the best highlights of the night. Here are some other fun moments.

Amanda draws fun, detailed illustrations on pictures of her cat Bob and posts them on Instagram and Facebook for your enjoyment.

The finale episode of Breaking Bad is next Sunday, and I’ll be glued to my TV. But other die-hard fans may be glued to their computer screens for a chance to win props used in the show. Check out all the items up for bid here. I’d love to own Tio’s bell!

If you missed this on our Facebook page, check out Mark-Paul Gosselaar explain how Zack Morris would respond to current-day situations.

And finally, if you want to give a proper send off to Breaking Bad before the finale, find a Geeks Who Drink event in your city and participate in the Los Geek Hermanos: Breaking Bad Quiz! I know we’ll be at the Dallas event on Wednesday!


2 Responses to Monday Musings: Shuffle Step Edition

  1. laurelo says:

    Tio’s bell! I know what that is! #BreakingBadExpert #GoodAtFakingIt

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