Monday Musings: ABB Edition

Happy Monday! Last week I assumed I’d be writing this post extremely sad (maybe angry?) after watching the series finale of Breaking Bad. But! Last night’s finale was so perfect, that in this new After Breaking Bad (ABB) world, today ain’t so bad. What did you think? Time for musings!


See cast and critics react to the Breaking Bad finale on Instagram.

Check out this interview with the woman behind all the science on Breaking Bad.

Walk [Your City] is a project that allows people to generate customized street signs to encourage people to walk more in their cities. Living in a city that isn’t super pedestrian-friendly, I was excited to see this happening in the one area my husband and I like to visit on the weekends. Pretty cool!

I know one of my friends will enjoy this in particular. Check out “Unbuilt Washington” which shows pictures of what iconic monuments in our nation’s capital could have looked like.

Uhm, there’s a Japanese “Twerk” Pudding?


One Response to Monday Musings: ABB Edition

  1. LO says:

    I’ve been meaning to check this exhibit out!!

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