Monday Musings: Fall Allergies Edition

Happy Monday afternoon! Hopefully you had a nice weekend. I spent mine a little under the (rainy) weather with my lovely fall allergies. But the hubby has done a good job doctoring me up these last few days. And just in the nick of time to see one of my favorite bands tonight for the first time. Time for musings!


Satiregram makes fun of all those “artistic” pictures we try to take with Instagram. And it’s hilarious.

I wish I could have been in NYC to accidentally buy original Banksy artwork!

I know my husband is quite the fan of the new GTA V, and I couldn’t help but laugh while watching these 9 heinous things players have done on the game.

Make sure you watch Ylvis on Jimmy Fallon in case you missed it last week.

And finally, check out this fantastic customer service response from Netflix of all places!


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