Monday Musings: Halloween Time Edition

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fun weekend. I spent mine catching up on DVRed shows, attending a Sleigh Bells concert and an epic Halloween block party. October is always such an awesome month. Time for musings!

lightning bolt costume

I just loved going through all the pages of Sad Etsy Boyfriends which shows the embarrassed but devoted boyfriends that model their girlfriend’s Etsy products. So sweet.

Because I’m a little too into watching TV, I had to check out this list of canceled and renewed shows. Definitely surprised some!

It might rain here on Thursday which makes me wonder if we’ll be left with tons of Halloween candy from a lack of trick-or-treaters. Instead of having a bunch of fun-size wrappers everywhere, try these creative recipes to use leftover candy.

If you’re looking for something fun to do at home while you hand out Halloween candy, watch these scary movies you can stream from Netflix.

And finally, if you, like a lot of people, are scrambling for a last minute costume idea, check out these very fun and unique ideas. Love the Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox one for sure!


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