Monday Musings: Mad Respect Edition

Happy Monday and Happy Veterans Day to all the men and women who have served our country! Make sure you thank a veteran today, and maybe even take them out to eat. Here’s a list of restaurants offering free meals to vets today. Awesome! Time for musings!

juicy mail

See how the internet helped give this vet a proper goodbye.

With Christmas only six short weeks away, it’s time to start shopping for friends and family. Every year brands try new ways to bring people to their online shops and stores, but still making it feel personal. See what Topshop and Pinterest are doing this year to help you find the perfect gift for someone, or just yourself.

My husband and I always enjoy visiting independent book stores, even when we’re on vacation. Even though I’m a Kindle user, nothing beats the smell of a new (or used) book, and feeling the wonderful covers and paper. If you’re near one of these cities, check out these indie bookstores this holiday season.

Again, because I’m such a paper lover, I totally geeked out at these produce-themed card and envelope sets that peel open like the fruit they depict. So clever and maybe a perfect gift for the paper lover in your life! 🙂

And finally, you must check out Foap. I just recently found out about the crowdsourced stock photo site that pays you for photos you upload. Time to get snapping and earning money!


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