Monday Musings: Spread the Party Edition

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was great. I got to do some vintage shopping with a friend, rummaged through old albums to score some great holiday tunes and tried a new ramen house in town that was seriously delicious. Time for musings!

disco dairy tom haverford

Hopefully you were able to catch all the Batkid fun last Friday in real time. I may have cried more than once seeing how dedicated Make-A-Wish and San Francisco were to making this kid’s dream come true. Just awesome.

Yesterday, an “alternate” ending to Breaking Bad leaked online that will be part of the epic box set that goes on sale next week.

Uhm, Kmart has a new holiday commercial out. We’ve mentioned their viral ads before, but this one is…interesting.

Candy Chang talks about her Before I Die art project and how it’s grown to reach 40 countries on six continents.

And finally (my favorite thing this morning), check out this list of 22 business ideas from Tom Haverford ranked by viability. I still love Disco Dairy and would definitely watch Know Ya Boo.


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