Monday Musings: Icepocalypse Edition

Happy Monday on this VERY chilly day. Hopefully your weekend was much more enjoyable than mine. Which probably wasn’t hard since we were iced (and treed) in our home for three days. Luckily we’re all safe and everyone is slowly starting to chisel their way out. There’s really nothing quite like Texas weather! Time for musings!

avoidance training

It was very sad hearing about Nelson Mandela’s passing last week. People continue to celebrate him with his signature dance.

Rebecca Black (yes, that Rebecca Black) released a new music video called “Saturday” that’s already blowing up. I gotta admit, it’s catchy, and I appreciate that they auto-tuned her better this time. Can’t wait to hear her “Sunday” song!

Facebook may launch a “Sympathize” button to go along with everyone’s favorite “Like” feature.

Empire readers rank the 30 Best Christmas Movies Ever. Some of these I’ve never even heard of. Time to get watching!

And finally, this was just too funny and weird not to include. A student at the Royal College of Art in London has built a game for people to practice the art of avoidance. Definitely watch the video of Avoidance Training.


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