Monday Musings: Holiday Spirit Edition

Happy Monday, folks! I hope you had a good weekend. I spent mine attending holiday parties (and playing DJ), completing my Christmas shopping and finishing up my final for school. Can you believe Christmas is already next Wednesday? December is showing no mercy. Time for musings!

where my ho's at

With the flu and other grossies going around, and the fact that I’m a huge germaphobe, I’ve always relied on a steady supply of anti-bacterial products. But now the FDA is making anti-bacterial soap manufacturers prove their products actually kill germs like they claim or risk getting pulled from the shelves.

Queen B released a visual album over the weekend. While I haven’t watched/listened to all of it, it’s very enticing. I’m digging her new style.

Do you like bubbles in your tea or coffee? Just say “coffeezzy” at Starbucks for some fizz in your brew.

Indiewire compiled a list of the 15 best TV episodes of the year. So happy to see some of my favs on the list. Did yours make it?

And finally, check out these 30 alternative holiday songs. AND enjoy this holiday playlist (see below) we’ve been compiling to get you in the holiday spirit.


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