Target hopes Awesome Shop, Pinterest save sales

After Target’s unfortunately timed credit/debit card data breach right before Christmas, many people vowed to never shop at the retailer again. Since then, Target has been on major damage-control duty offering free credit monitoring services and deals to customers. With sales still declining, Target is now putting a large focus on its online store’s Awesome Shop.

target awesome ship

The Target Awesome Shop (still in beta and the brainchild of Target’s RAD team) allows you to shop by top-pinned items (and those with a four-star guest review or higher) organized by categories like home, baby, entertainment, etc. You can either pin the item directly to your Pinterest board from the site, or click the “Details” to get you one step closer to impulse buying on Target’s online store. Some Target stores have been using the popularity of Pinterest before the launch of Awesome Shop by marking certain items as highly-pinned.

According to Target’s CMO Jeff Jones, Pinterest has accounted for 70 percent of its online traffic since it launched Rich Pins in early 2013. While  Awesome Shop is still in beta, Target is paying close attention to guest feedback and says they may even add more social platforms to the mix.

Have your played around on Awesome Shop yet? Do you think it’s strong enough to save Target’s bruised brand?


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