Awesome Ways to Keep Your Resolutions

We’re halfway through January. How are you doing with your resolutions? In case you need a little help or a total redo, here are some helpful aids that can get you back on track.


Resolution: Interact More on Social Media Sites
Stop lurking on your social media sites and start interacting. With GIF Yourself you can customize gifs to add the perfect touch to your tweets or make your hilarious comment stand out from all the rest.

Resolution: Learn to Cook
So you burn toast and get frustrated boiling water. is here to help you gain confidence in the kitchen. The site teaches the basics of cooking with short videos and step-by-step photo tutorials. Start learning cooking basics in the Tips & Techniques sections, then use your new skills to make quick meals in the Recipes section.

Resolution: Travel More
Tripomatic is a seriously cool (and free) trip-planning website that recommends interesting things to do and see in over 400 destinations across the globe. It helps you personalize and print your travel guide, or you can take it with you on your smartphone with their iPhone and Android apps. They even have featured trips to popular destinations if you have no idea where to start.

Resolution: Actually Be On Time to Something
If you’re habitually late, the Mynd app claims it will prevent you from being tardy to meetings, appointments, whatever by checking your calendar for other appointments, using GPS data and real-time traffic reports. Say for instance you’re at lunch in one area and need to get across town for a meeting. Mynd will let you know when you need to leave to get there on time, thus making you decide if you should eat the second half of your sandwich or get it to go. It basically nags you into being on time.

Resolution: Find a Roomie
If you have a room to fill or just want to save money this year by splitting the rent, you’re probably looking for a roommate. Instead of reaching out on Craigslist which can give you overwhelming, or sometimes suspicious results, that you and your other roommates have to sift through. helps you, and your other roommates if you have them, search for a roomie and rank applicants together in one place. If you’re looking for a room, just set up a profile saying how awesome you are and apply away. No more copy and pasting your story into each individual email.

Resolution: Clean Out the Closet
We’re all guilty of waiting to clean out our dressers and closets until it’s an issue. Try and get ahead of your spring cleaning by joining Rumgr. The site helps you list the items you’d like to sell and then broadcasts it to your friends and neighbors. Transactions are done through your credit card on the site so there’s no dealing with cash or phony offers. And be sure whatever you don’t sell is donated to your local Goodwill or shelter to help those in need.

Resolution: Quit Your Crappy Job
So you want to quit your job but don’t know how to tell your boss. The people behind BreakupText have teamed up with TheLadders to create an app that helps people quit their jobs called the Quit Your Job app. The app asks you why you want to quit your current job, then creates a suitable story along with the new dream you’re chasing (which can include running for the Senate or dancing for money) and sends it to your boss.

Resolution: Find Your Dream Job
If you’re currently searching for your dream job, you need to visit Good.Co. By taking the quick three-minute assessment, Good.Co’s algorithm will discover your Archetype blend (the essence of you). You’ll then answer questions about your current employer and then it shows you how to achieve the goals you’ve listed or find the right job for your character. And when you love your job, it stops feeling like a job.

Resolution: Keep Your Resolutions
With all of these resolution helpers, the best thing would be actually keeping your resolutions throughout the year. The app Full let’s you input your goals and keep track of your progress. And nothing motivates like a pie chart.

Have other helpful tips for keeping your resolutions? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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