Monday Musings: Geeked Out Edition

Happy Monday! Hopefully you’re adjusting well to the time change. Or perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who attended SXSW or caught  The Grand Budapest Hotel early. We caught the latest 300 movie (we had free tickets so it made it less painful), had fun on a local brewery tour and geeked out over Cosmos. Time for musings!

science pun

Speaking of SXSW, and how badly I wish I could have made it out there this year, I’ve been keeping tabs on all the films I need to catch from the festival and other goings-on. Indiewire has a pretty good list going on the top news.

Wouldn’t the smell of bacon help wake you up in the morning? Maybe? Oscar Meyer is giving away a device you can attach to your phone that pumps out bacon perfume. You can apply to win one of the 4,700 they’re giving away here.

Though some (most) of this could be bogus, I still enjoyed reading this list of what your doodling says about you.

And finally, if you’ve ever been curious about what your dog does during the day, and how you spend most of your time together, the new Whistle collar device will help make a timeline you can monitor or even share online to brag about your pup’s interesting life.


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