Monday Musings: Spring-a-Ding Edition

Happy first Monday of spring! Who else is really looking forward to the warm spring days ahead? But the 100+ degree days can take their time getting here. Time for musings!

lunar eclipse

Hopefully you at least tried to win the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket (even though we all know now that no one will). If you’re still enjoying your own March Madness action, check out Bud Light’s Mad Things Happen toolkit that allows you to download browser extensions to make it look like you’re doing work (e.g. graphs, spreadsheets) when you’re actually checking out scores.

Sofia Coppola is making a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid and I’m overly excited about it.

Learn how to photograph a lunar eclipse just in time for the next one on April 15.

While I feel this is a little like cheating, the free service Chordify is pretty cool. It takes audio from sites or an upload music file and breaks it into chords so you can practice your favorite song.

So a food-lovers amusement park is coming to Italy. Isn’t that what the entire country is already?


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