Monday Musings: Godzilla Toes Edition

Good Monday morning. Hope your weekend was nice. I got to go on a delicious Korean food adventure, saw the new Godzilla (so good!) and took a fun calligraphy class. Looking forward to a quick week before the holiday weekend. Time for musings!

I love Godzilla's chunky feet and cankles.

I love Godzilla’s chunky feet and cankles.

Speaking of Godzilla, they’re apparently already working on the rebooted sequel! Maybe they’ll try and give one of these lame monsters a second chance.

Remember “Mmmbop” from Hanson? Well apparently the Hanson brothers are trying their hand at beer brewing with Mmmhops. For real.

What is it about watching people try to explain creativity and art that makes me immediately want to do something creative? This short film from illy about what inspires creativity in famous artists, actors, etc. is worth a watch.

The Sad Batman meme is even better than Sad Keanu and Sad Kanye combined.

And finally, the PancakeBot should be in every kitchen – especially mine!


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