Monday Musings: Half Through Edition

Can you believe we’re halfway through with 2014 already? This year is flying by! Let’s make the most of it. Time for musings!

Kiehl's in Space

With all the World Cup excitement, you may have missed the incredible story of a dog walking 500 miles (with a group of friends walking 1,200 miles to the World Cup for charity) to be reunited with its owner.

Banksy released a trailer for his new film “Better Out Than In – The Movie.” People are wigging out.

BIC Pens crowdsourced people from 40 different countries to create a universal typeface. The website showing the experiment is very cool!

Kiehl’s is releasing a new men’s product line featuring an ingredient that was used on the Mars Rover. In celebration of the launch, Kiehl’s is giving fans a chance to have a personalized 3D-printed action figure launched into space.


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