Monday Musings: Just in Time Edition

Well it’s Monday, and lucky for you I managed to get these musings done in time despite being out late on a school night at a Cut Copy concert. They are seriously so good live – catch them if you can! Anywho, hope your Monday is off to a great start, time for musings!

©AFP/Getty Images

In the spirit of the World Cup games, even though I’m not nearly as in to soccer as most people, this artist created portraits of World Cup players by kicking a paint soaked soccer ball around. Pretty cool.

They say an artist’s work becomes more valuable after they pass. And this caveman’s 36,000-year old cave paintings are no exception.

There’s no shame in my food porn game. I enjoy taking pictures of my meals as much as the next foodie. Come to the dark side and follow these Instagram accounts for some serious noms.

As someone who uses way too many apps to document various components of my life, the Wellscale seems like a really cool way to manage your daily nutrition information.

This random, but funny mashup of famous movie characters edited to make it look like they’re taking selfies, shows just how awkward this act of self-preservation actually is.


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