Monday Musings: And We’re Back Edition

We’re finally back from an epic vacation and quite the break from blogging. But I’m back and ready to share more awesome things with you – starting with today’s musings.

Carissa Gallo

Carissa Gallo

I’m not a huge fan of the girls who wear flower crowns (I guess they’re fine at a music festival, but still…), but I did laugh at the male equivalent – Beard Flowers.

I’m really glad we didn’t run into Penelope while we were in Brooklyn the other day.

I couldn’t want this cloud lamp that has simulated lightning and thunder (and even does a light show to music!!) anymore than I do. Bad ass!

Watch these guys do a hella good tribute to Daft Punk.

And finally, my favorite this week, Nice One Dad has all the epic Dad jokes you can think of in one place.


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