H&M Conscious: Don’t Let Fashion Go To Waste

I can’t deny just how much I love H&M. Even with its terribly inconsistent clothes sizing and general disarray of every store, I continue to shop (online for the most part) at H&M. Plus the H&M Home line is seriously on point! To add to its general awesomeness, H&M recently announced a new take-back initiative they’re calling a closed loop for textile fibers (aka Garment Collecting).

HM garment_collecting

H&M stores in 53 markets are encouraging customers to bring in unwanted garments of any brand, and in ANY condition, to its stores to be donated, repurposed or recycled. This helps reduce waste and overall environmental footprint – always a great thing.

So don’t let fashion go to waste. Donate your clothes at your nearest H&M or other charitable organization and do some good.