Monday Musings: Just in Time Edition

Well it’s Monday, and lucky for you I managed to get these musings done in time despite being out late on a school night at a Cut Copy concert. They are seriously so good live – catch them if you can! Anywho, hope your Monday is off to a great start, time for musings!

©AFP/Getty Images

In the spirit of the World Cup games, even though I’m not nearly as in to soccer as most people, this artist created portraits of World Cup players by kicking a paint soaked soccer ball around. Pretty cool.

They say an artist’s work becomes more valuable after they pass. And this caveman’s 36,000-year old cave paintings are no exception.

There’s no shame in my food porn game. I enjoy taking pictures of my meals as much as the next foodie. Come to the dark side and follow these Instagram accounts for some serious noms.

As someone who uses way too many apps to document various components of my life, the Wellscale seems like a really cool way to manage your daily nutrition information.

This random, but funny mashup of famous movie characters edited to make it look like they’re taking selfies, shows just how awkward this act of self-preservation actually is.


Monday Musings: Half Through Edition

Can you believe we’re halfway through with 2014 already? This year is flying by! Let’s make the most of it. Time for musings!

Kiehl's in Space

With all the World Cup excitement, you may have missed the incredible story of a dog walking 500 miles (with a group of friends walking 1,200 miles to the World Cup for charity) to be reunited with its owner.

Banksy released a trailer for his new film “Better Out Than In – The Movie.” People are wigging out.

BIC Pens crowdsourced people from 40 different countries to create a universal typeface. The website showing the experiment is very cool!

Kiehl’s is releasing a new men’s product line featuring an ingredient that was used on the Mars Rover. In celebration of the launch, Kiehl’s is giving fans a chance to have a personalized 3D-printed action figure launched into space.

Monday Musings: Don’t Grow Up Edition

Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend. We caught the first show of Little Dragon’s Nabuma Tour and finally started watching Derek on Netflix (seriously the most heartwarming show I’ve ever seen. All the feels!). Time for musings!

Never Grow Up

After a sentimental Sunday celebrating National Best Friend’s Day, this collection of photos showing why we should never grow up justifies all the immature fun we still need to have.

This guy does awesome impressions from Game of Thrones characters from season four.

This interview with the creator of Tetris looks back on this famous game’s 30th anniversary. I still dig the theme song.

Check out this LEGO art project that recreates famous Banksy works called Bricksy.

And finally, if you’re in need of a vacation, travel in spirit with Biddy the traveling hedgehog.

Monday Musings: Sweaty Hands Edition

Can you believe it’s already June? Wha?? How???? I’m still reeling from last night’s GoT episode so perhaps that’s attributing to the shock. Time for musings!


In happier Game of Thrones news, Super Audio Time! recently made a pretty kick ass 80’s synth-pop version of the GoT theme song. You’ve just found your new ring tone.

After the success of Super Chix, Yum! Brands is going to test a new banh mi shop called Banh Shop in Dallas (for now).

Feeds were blowing up the weekend after Bryan Cranston teases a possible Breaking Bad movie. Eeep!

If you want to see a crazy video, a possibly get sweaty hands and vertigo, check out the video from the photographer who took a selfie on top of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil.

Make sure you get your hands on the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos while you can! They’re available nationwide June 9th!


Monday Musings: Hamster Butt Edition

First off, Happy Memorial Day! Hopefully your extended weekend has been full of fun and time with family and friends. Time for musings!


With Game of Thrones being on an off week, this recap from Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg was perfect.

Seeing these people talk about movies that freaked them out when they were kids made me realize we were all terrified at the same time.

Completely guilty of “feeling old.”

And finally, hamster butts are currently all the rage in Japan.

Monday Musings: Godzilla Toes Edition

Good Monday morning. Hope your weekend was nice. I got to go on a delicious Korean food adventure, saw the new Godzilla (so good!) and took a fun calligraphy class. Looking forward to a quick week before the holiday weekend. Time for musings!

I love Godzilla's chunky feet and cankles.

I love Godzilla’s chunky feet and cankles.

Speaking of Godzilla, they’re apparently already working on the rebooted sequel! Maybe they’ll try and give one of these lame monsters a second chance.

Remember “Mmmbop” from Hanson? Well apparently the Hanson brothers are trying their hand at beer brewing with Mmmhops. For real.

What is it about watching people try to explain creativity and art that makes me immediately want to do something creative? This short film from illy about what inspires creativity in famous artists, actors, etc. is worth a watch.

The Sad Batman meme is even better than Sad Keanu and Sad Kanye combined.

And finally, the PancakeBot should be in every kitchen – especially mine!

Monday Musings: The Junior Mint Edition

Hopefully you had a great weekend with your families and celebrated your mamas yesterday. I’m still celebrating with my mom so I’ll make these musings quick!

Junior Mints

With the bans on plastic bags slowly becoming a reality. These biodegradable bags made from shrimp shells (kinda weird, but okay) could be the best solution.

These illustrations of famous pop culture buddies are pretty awesome.

Completely random (and you have to look past the terrible typos in the directions), but The Junior Mint from Seinfeld2000 and Pippin Barr is definitely worth a play or two.

Equally odd, but quite amusing, Oscar Mayer is trying to push its line of turkey bacon (the unsung bacon) by partnering with Michael Bacon (Kevin’s brother) to help promote the campaign. The campaign officially launches today at