Monday Musings: Smooth Move Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! After a busy weekend, it was nice to take some time to find these fun tidbits.

rejected vanity plates the awesomesauce

Did you know there’s a robot hitchhiking its way across Canada?

The Onion found a way to make women’s morning routines so much easier (and creepier).

Check out these hidden celebrity cameos in movies.

I’m looking forward to checking out this documentary on the tiny house movement.

And finally, these rejected California vanity plates are, and the various responses from the DMV, are hilarious.


Monday Musings: Award Season Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a fun weekend. I was finally able to see Prisoners (really good), watched the SAGs and enjoyed some old school bowling. Time for musings!

wolf of wallstreet

I love award season and can’t wait for the Oscars. But I did enjoy these brutally honest movie posters for some of this year’s best film nominees.

Speaking of the Oscars, check out the original song nominees. I’m rooting for Pharrell’s ultra catchy “Happy.”

Attending Sundance is definitely on my bucket list. These are the 15 most buzzworthy films from the festival this year. I can’t wait to see Whiplash, Wish I Was Here, Whitey, Life After Beth and Life Itself.

And finally, these superstitions from around the world were pretty interesting. I’ve been saying “rabbit” on the first day of the month since middle school because one of my friends was super convincing. Funny to finally find out where that actually came from!

Monday Musings: Cyber Monday Edition

Happy Cyber Monday! Apologies for the later post – I was partaking in some serious online shopping. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. The awesomesauce gang ate lots of good food, caught up with old friends, watched plenty of movies and even went to a James Murphy DJ set. Time for musings!


Ron Burgundy anchored the news for a CBS affiliate in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Nature’s Recipe, the premium dog a cat food brand, is giving away 50 collar cameras as part of their Nature’s Recipe for Moments campaign to share photos of you and your pets relationship. Watch a video about the campaign here.

John Waters ranked the top 10 films in 2013 (spoiler alert: “Spring Breakers” was number 1). And here’s a list of 2013’s biggest film flops.

Check out Pitchfork’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. I want everything!

And finally, learn how to peel a banana the right way.

Watch: Smashed


I recently checked out Smashed, which I had been wanting to see for quite some time.

It stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) among others (Nick Offerman will make you cringe at the word “moist”). The movie starts innocently enough with Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Charlie (Aaron Paul) as young newlyweds. Kate is an elementary school teacher and, as it turns out, an alcoholic. After a rough incident in one of her classes, she decides to finally take steps to get sober. But that proves harder than she thought since Charlie and his friends like to hang out and drink at their house, and alcohol is pretty much the basis of Kate and Charlie’s relationship.

You really ache for Kate when she’s trying to get through her life in a drunken haze, her uncomfortable struggle to get sober and her frustrations with Charlie being in a different place in his life than she is. And, as a “Breaking Bad” fan, there’s nothing that gets me teary-eyed faster than a crying Aaron Paul.

This is a great film that will definitely give you perspective on people struggling with this disease. It’s available on Blu-ray/DVD and we picked it up at a nearby Redbox. You can even check out the first 10 minutes of the film here. Let me know what you think if you watch it!