Monday Musings: Smooth Move Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! After a busy weekend, it was nice to take some time to find these fun tidbits.

rejected vanity plates the awesomesauce

Did you know there’s a robot hitchhiking its way across Canada?

The Onion found a way to make women’s morning routines so much easier (and creepier).

Check out these hidden celebrity cameos in movies.

I’m looking forward to checking out this documentary on the tiny house movement.

And finally, these rejected California vanity plates are, and the various responses from the DMV, are hilarious.


Monday Musings: And We’re Back Edition

We’re finally back from an epic vacation and quite the break from blogging. But I’m back and ready to share more awesome things with you – starting with today’s musings.

Carissa Gallo

Carissa Gallo

I’m not a huge fan of the girls who wear flower crowns (I guess they’re fine at a music festival, but still…), but I did laugh at the male equivalent – Beard Flowers.

I’m really glad we didn’t run into Penelope while we were in Brooklyn the other day.

I couldn’t want this cloud lamp that has simulated lightning and thunder (and even does a light show to music!!) anymore than I do. Bad ass!

Watch these guys do a hella good tribute to Daft Punk.

And finally, my favorite this week, Nice One Dad has all the epic Dad jokes you can think of in one place.

Monday Musings: On Wednesdays Edition

Happy Monday! Can you believe April is pretty much over? Yeesh! I’m planning on welcoming May with a #TresDeMayo party since Cinco de Mayo is (unfairly) on a Monday this year. Time for musings!

mean girls ecard

I’m already behind on a few things on the DVR, including last night’s LEGO episode of The Simpsons. And now I also need to add the LEGO documentary ‘Beyond The Brick: A Lego Brickumentary‘ to our watch list.

Check out this delightful book, “Fictitious Dishes” that has perfectly stylized photos of dishes from famous literary works.

As probably the biggest lover of HBO Go, I couldn’t help but giggle at its new ad campaign about awkward viewing moments.

In case you missed the new, Mean Girls is celebrating its 10th (!) anniversary this Wednesday. Some friends and I plan to celebrate accordingly with a watching party and plenty of Toaster Strudels. I’m excited talks of a Mean Girls musical are still being had!

Netflix Drone Home

Not to be outdone by Amazon, Netflix has decided to launch it’s own drone delivery system called Drone 2 Home for those people who still have DVDs delivered to their home. Of course, this is all in jest as Netflix isn’t really planning on having drones deliver DVDs to you whenever and wherever you are – yet. Check out the video below for the hilarious spoof.

Monday Musings: IRL Edition

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. It was unseasonably warm here so I enjoyed patio time with my bestie while we celebrated her birthday, attended at Styx concert at a honky tonk, and finally saw American Hustle before the Golden Globes. I love live-tweeting events and award shows and watching my feed blow up with hilarity. This was probably one of my fav tweets of the night. And this one too. Time for musings!

So they finally released a decent GoT trailer that wasn’t some Vine of 15 second BS. Can’t wait for the new season!

Even if you missed your chance at Coachella 2014 tickets, this fake lineup poster may cheer you up.

Check out some of the weird tech trends that were at CES.

I really loved looking at the I’m not a look-alike! project photos.

If you love emojis as much as I do, you’ll love this tumblr blog that has set out to recreate the individual characters.

And finally, this funny Norwegian commercial imagines other animals as guides for the blind. Major hat tip to the ad agency Try/Apt for creating it!

Awesome ways to celebrate Friday the 13th

So it’s Friday the 13th, and unless you have paraskevidekatriaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th, it’s just any other Friday, right? See how you can make the most of this weirdo of a day!


Wonder who is crazy enough to board flight 666 to HEL today.

Watch the entire Friday the 13th collection. Obvi.

Shop online, because apparently a lot of people are weary about doing business or traveling today, which causes the U.S. to lose $800-900 million on Friday the 13th.

Make a baker’s dozen of something delicious.

Listen to these songs that talk about Friday the 13th. Or do the opposite and listen to this “lucky” playlist on Spotify:

Test your luck and see if today is your lucky day by buying a lottery ticket.

Have a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal (or just the marshmallow charms). You know, just for good measure.


And don’t worry if you can’t get to all these today. Start planning for the next Friday the 13th: December 13, 2013!

Everyone wants to break bad

The final episodes of Breaking Bad officially kicked off last Sunday, and everyone is so excited to see how this amazing series comes to a close. The best part of the Breaking Bad frenzy is all the superfans who are creating parodies. Check out the most recent ones that have people talking:


Middle School Musical: Breaking Bad
I wasn’t expecting this to be as great as it ended up being! The clever little scenes, costumes and adjustments to make the storyline “kid-appropriate” (minus the fact that it’s based on a show about cooking and selling crystal meth) was too awesome.

Breaking Bad Jr.
You want to cook bubblegum? The idea for this kid-version of the hit show actually came from middle schooler Ian Hollowood (with full parental support). Very well made and I love the ending!

Joking Bad
So technically Jimmy Fallon hasn’t released his parody yet called “Joking Bad,” but he did share a trailer to get you excited. LATE may still be my favorite TV parody Jimmy has done, but I can’t wait to see his latest in September!

Which other Breaking Bad parodies have you seen and enjoyed?