Monday Musings: IRL Edition

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. It was unseasonably warm here so I enjoyed patio time with my bestie while we celebrated her birthday, attended at Styx concert at a honky tonk, and finally saw American Hustle before the Golden Globes. I love live-tweeting events and award shows and watching my feed blow up with hilarity. This was probably one of my fav tweets of the night. And this one too. Time for musings!

So they finally released a decent GoT trailer that wasn’t some Vine of 15 second BS. Can’t wait for the new season!

Even if you missed your chance at Coachella 2014 tickets, this fake lineup poster may cheer you up.

Check out some of the weird tech trends that were at CES.

I really loved looking at the I’m not a look-alike! project photos.

If you love emojis as much as I do, you’ll love this tumblr blog that has set out to recreate the individual characters.

And finally, this funny Norwegian commercial imagines other animals as guides for the blind. Major hat tip to the ad agency Try/Apt for creating it!