Monday Musings: Time Suck Edition

Happy Monday! Hopefully your weekends were fun and low on April-showers. I’ve got a pretty busy week ahead of me so let’s get to musings, shall we?

Emoji Nation by Nastya Nudnik

Emoji Nation by Nastya Nudnik

Speaking of being low on time, I’m sure my schedule is crunched due to binge-watching a bunch of TV over the weekend (so happy Game of Thrones and Veep are back!). If you’ve ever been morbidly curious as to how much time you’ve spent with your favorite shows, allows you to add TV shows and the number of seasons you’ve watched to see the days and hours accumulate. It even allows you to share your number like it’s a badge of honor. Kind of upsetting but also strangely intriguing.

I would have loved to play Tetris on the side of a skyscraper.

If you rely on Yelp reviews as much as we do when looking for a quick bite in a new city, you may not want to give some of those bad reviews as much weight in your decision.

Check out classic art mixed with modern-day symbols in the five-part series “Emoji Nation.”

And finally, stop-motion films are always entertaining. Especially when they’re done with simple office supplies and a whole lot of time. Watch A Girl Named Elastika.


Monday Musings: In Like a Lion Edition

Happy Monday from a city that experienced a 70 (!) degree drop in a 24 hour period, and is basically shut down today. So these musings are extra special since it required me to leave my roasty toasty bed!

oscars selfie

Hopefully you got a chance to catch the Oscars last night. It was fun trying to tweet and get updates after Ellen tweeted her epic selfie. And  see the fun candid photos from various celebs. And of course, be sure you catch Jimmy Kimmel’s movie trailers from his annual post-Oscars show. I think my favorite was Sweet Brown. All in all I thought the show was pretty great, and I feel like I really need to watch Gravity now and all the nominated docs.

Apparently our nutrition labels will be changing soon which could be really cool.

Seeing the pictures from Browstache made me laugh and cringe.

For more Photoshoppping fun, check out these imaginative uses for potholes. I think my favorite is the cooler for a girls’ night out.

And finally, this Toy Story theory about Andy’s mom is pretty awesome.

Monday Musings: Helpful Bits Edition

Happy Monday! Hopefully your weekend was full of warm weather and margaritas for National Marg Day. We enjoyed time at the lake and checked out the live-action Oscar-nominated short films. Really worth a watch if they’re showing in your hood. Time for musings!

alphabeard typeface

To outdo the ramen noodle burger bun, say hello to the Ramen Taco.

Love beards? And fonts? Well, you’re in luck.

Check out this funny video of a couple breaking up via movie titles.

In the same vein as GoldieBlox, this Kickstarter campaign allows girls to design and power their own dollhouses. Heck yes!

This app can supposedly train your brain to see 20/7.5 vision.

And finally, did you know about some of these Facebook secrets?

Monday Musings: Weird Presidents’ Day Edition

Happy Monday from the Texas hill country. Hopefully you were lucky enough to get a three-day weekend. If not, hopefully these musings get your through your President’s Day.

teletubbies awesomesauce

For starters, Presidents’ Day is weird.

This video of a Teletubbies/Kurupt mashup is wrongfully right. I think one is even twerking at the one minute mark.

Apparently Nike plans to make Marty McFly’s power laces a reality by 2015. Finally! Geez!

I can’t tell enough people about Broad City. Last week’s episode made me want to hit up Bed Bath & Beyond and eat bagels and Nerds candy. Seriously. You need to watch this show.

And finally, The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), who makes sure creators get compensated when their work is used, created a Spotify playlist of 100 songs over 100 years to celebrate its centennial. 

Monday Musings: Super Bowl Hangover Edition

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was full of warm sweaters and your football team won the Super Bowl (or you at least enjoyed the commercials). We got to dance it out with Disclosure and put ourselves through the pain of last night’s Super Bowl game. Time for musings!

SB48 ads

Here are some of the best ads from last night. Pretty impressed with the advertising from Go Daddy and all the other brands that went for the feels.

It’s pretty convenient that my bestie is also my musical soulmate. While we’re both huge Spotify groupies, Rithm (described as the Snapchat for music) still sounds pretty awesome.

Looking for a unique Valentine gift for the data-geek in your life? This is pretty sweet.

My 52 Tuesdays is a worldwide-project where people share their unique point of view for a year by answering a question every Tuesday.

And finally, Oscar Mayer is giving away a chance to have the Wienermobile for the day on Twitter.

Monday Musings: Me So Selfie Edition

Happy Monday! Hopefully you got to enjoy any bit of good weather happening in your hood before another arctic blast reminds everyone that it’s winter. Time for musings!


Despite my love for award season, I’ve never really been into the Grammys. And after hearing about this terrifying instance on the red carpet, and this ridiculousness from one of my least favorite people, I’m glad I avoided it altogether.

The catchy “Me So Selfie” song will stick in your head and show you how ridiculous we’ve all become.

In case you missed National Handwriting Day last week, check out what your handwriting says about you.

We’ve been having fun with the Seene app. It lets you capture 3D images and then share them across your social networks. Can’t wait to use this on vacation.

Apparently the average American will eat 1,500 PB&Js before they turn 18. Sounds believable. Here are more facts you probably didn’t know about peanut butter and jelly.

Monday Musings: Award Season Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a fun weekend. I was finally able to see Prisoners (really good), watched the SAGs and enjoyed some old school bowling. Time for musings!

wolf of wallstreet

I love award season and can’t wait for the Oscars. But I did enjoy these brutally honest movie posters for some of this year’s best film nominees.

Speaking of the Oscars, check out the original song nominees. I’m rooting for Pharrell’s ultra catchy “Happy.”

Attending Sundance is definitely on my bucket list. These are the 15 most buzzworthy films from the festival this year. I can’t wait to see Whiplash, Wish I Was Here, Whitey, Life After Beth and Life Itself.

And finally, these superstitions from around the world were pretty interesting. I’ve been saying “rabbit” on the first day of the month since middle school because one of my friends was super convincing. Funny to finally find out where that actually came from!