Monday Musings: In Like a Lion Edition

Happy Monday from a city that experienced a 70 (!) degree drop in a 24 hour period, and is basically shut down today. So these musings are extra special since it required me to leave my roasty toasty bed!

oscars selfie

Hopefully you got a chance to catch the Oscars last night. It was fun trying to tweet and get updates after Ellen tweeted her epic selfie. And  see the fun candid photos from various celebs. And of course, be sure you catch Jimmy Kimmel’s movie trailers from his annual post-Oscars show. I think my favorite was Sweet Brown. All in all I thought the show was pretty great, and I feel like I really need to watch Gravity now and all the nominated docs.

Apparently our nutrition labels will be changing soon which could be really cool.

Seeing the pictures from Browstache made me laugh and cringe.

For more Photoshoppping fun, check out these imaginative uses for potholes. I think my favorite is the cooler for a girls’ night out.

And finally, this Toy Story theory about Andy’s mom is pretty awesome.


Monday Musings: Award Season Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a fun weekend. I was finally able to see Prisoners (really good), watched the SAGs and enjoyed some old school bowling. Time for musings!

wolf of wallstreet

I love award season and can’t wait for the Oscars. But I did enjoy these brutally honest movie posters for some of this year’s best film nominees.

Speaking of the Oscars, check out the original song nominees. I’m rooting for Pharrell’s ultra catchy “Happy.”

Attending Sundance is definitely on my bucket list. These are the 15 most buzzworthy films from the festival this year. I can’t wait to see Whiplash, Wish I Was Here, Whitey, Life After Beth and Life Itself.

And finally, these superstitions from around the world were pretty interesting. I’ve been saying “rabbit” on the first day of the month since middle school because one of my friends was super convincing. Funny to finally find out where that actually came from!