Monday Musings: Me So Selfie Edition

Happy Monday! Hopefully you got to enjoy any bit of good weather happening in your hood before another arctic blast reminds everyone that it’s winter. Time for musings!


Despite my love for award season, I’ve never really been into the Grammys. And after hearing about this terrifying instance on the red carpet, and this ridiculousness from one of my least favorite people, I’m glad I avoided it altogether.

The catchy “Me So Selfie” song will stick in your head and show you how ridiculous we’ve all become.

In case you missed National Handwriting Day last week, check out what your handwriting says about you.

We’ve been having fun with the Seene app. It lets you capture 3D images and then share them across your social networks. Can’t wait to use this on vacation.

Apparently the average American will eat 1,500 PB&Js before they turn 18. Sounds believable. Here are more facts you probably didn’t know about peanut butter and jelly.