Monday Musings: Weird Presidents’ Day Edition

Happy Monday from the Texas hill country. Hopefully you were lucky enough to get a three-day weekend. If not, hopefully these musings get your through your President’s Day.

teletubbies awesomesauce

For starters, Presidents’ Day is weird.

This video of a Teletubbies/Kurupt mashup is wrongfully right. I think one is even twerking at the one minute mark.

Apparently Nike plans to make Marty McFly’s power laces a reality by 2015. Finally! Geez!

I can’t tell enough people about Broad City. Last week’s episode made me want to hit up Bed Bath & Beyond and eat bagels and Nerds candy. Seriously. You need to watch this show.

And finally, The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), who makes sure creators get compensated when their work is used, created a Spotify playlist of 100 songs over 100 years to celebrate its centennial.