Monday Musings: Serendipity Edition

Good morning, folks! Who else is supes excited for the upcoming holiday weekend? I’m especially pumped since we’ll be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary in a much cooler state than triple-digit-Texas. Time for musings!


Since a good amount of our weekend consisted of avoiding the heat, we caught up on some TV and docs we’ve been wanting to check out. The most enjoyable was definitely “BoJack Horseman” on Netflix. They released all 12 30-minute episodes on Friday and we couldn’t help going through them all in one sitting. Check it out!

FXX is playing every Simpsons episode ever (in order) which will span a total of 12 days and also include “The Simpsons Movie.” In light of the marathon, check out the 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Simpsons Episodes.

If everyone’s boasting on social media has you feeling less than adequate, the Remember Win app tracks your finest moments and reminds you of them later on. And who doesn’t want to feel like an BAMF?

Check out the trailer for the new Foo Fighters Sonic Highways HBO series that premieres this October. Looking forward to catching this!

And finally, Spotify Serendipty shows you people who are playing the same song at the same time. The Serendipity map quickly zooms in on the two users and plays the song for a few seconds — then, it’s off to the next pairing.


Monday Musings: On Wednesdays Edition

Happy Monday! Can you believe April is pretty much over? Yeesh! I’m planning on welcoming May with a #TresDeMayo party since Cinco de Mayo is (unfairly) on a Monday this year. Time for musings!

mean girls ecard

I’m already behind on a few things on the DVR, including last night’s LEGO episode of The Simpsons. And now I also need to add the LEGO documentary ‘Beyond The Brick: A Lego Brickumentary‘ to our watch list.

Check out this delightful book, “Fictitious Dishes” that has perfectly stylized photos of dishes from famous literary works.

As probably the biggest lover of HBO Go, I couldn’t help but giggle at its new ad campaign about awkward viewing moments.

In case you missed the new, Mean Girls is celebrating its 10th (!) anniversary this Wednesday. Some friends and I plan to celebrate accordingly with a watching party and plenty of Toaster Strudels. I’m excited talks of a Mean Girls musical are still being had!

Monday Musings: Freezing Edition

Happy Monday! And Happy New Year officially! Hopefully this post finds you warm and cozy and not miserable in this arctic weather much of the country is dealing with. Time for musings!


If you enjoy discovering clever, beautiful design on the web and in the real world, this Instagram-inspired app is for you.

A sneak peek of The Lego Simpsons home set have been released and it looks pretty awesome.

NBC released its first Tonight Show promo featuring Jimmy Fallon.

This graphic design took on a challenge to make a balloon sculpture every day for a year.

And finally, a sommelier actually tasted and ranked Trader Joe’s Two-Buck Chuck wines for your enjoyment.

Monday Musings: Feeling Like Fall Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! My Monday is off to a slow start after a three-day trip to Austin for the first weekend of ACL. It. Was. Awesome. Hopefully you were able to enjoy the cooler weather and avoid drinking any PSL or other pumpkin things. Time for musings!

chia pet costume

Did you see last night’s Simpsons Halloween episode? In case you missed it, check out the opening “couch gag” for the Treehouse of Horrors XXIV episode done by Guillermo Del Toro.

Last weekend’s SNL wasn’t nearly as bad as people thought it would be. The “50 Shades of Grey Auditions” skit was my favorite. The Emma Stone and Christoph Waltz impersonations were solid!

With the government shutdown still in effect, some people are feeling lost when it comes to knowing our representatives and what they do. The Congress iPhone and Android app let you find your representative and learn information about them as well as their committees and bills. It even helps you get in touch with them when you want to tell them how you really feel.

CNN found the woman behind the original voice of Siri in the U.S.

And finally, you only have a couple of weeks left to figure out and buy/assemble your Halloween costume! Check out these ideas from people across Pinterest. I LOVE the Chia Pet dog costume!

Monday Musings: Throwback Edition

Happy Monday afternoon! Hopefully your weekend felt long and your Monday flew by like mine did. I got to check out Girl Most Likely (meh, it was only okay, nothing to write home about), and then binge-watched the Netflix series Orange is the New Black and I’m pretty much obsessed. If you haven’t checked it out yet you should! Time for musings!

breaking bad simpsonsThis (old) picture of a turtle being thrown off a boat is pretty hilarious. Thanks Ben for sending!

As we’re figuring out our fall music festival/concert lineup, I was excited to hear about Lanyard, a concert diary site that has a huge database of past and future concerts that you can add to your profile along with photos, notes and ratings of the event. It will even share the set lists from each show and link to Spotify so you can relive the magic. Very cool.

Check out some pop culture characters illustrated as Simpsons characters. Loved seeing the GoT characters.

So, Carl’s Jr. is selling its Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwiches nationally now if you’d rather not bother with making them at home.

And finally, check out this (sadly fake) movie trailer for Daria’s High School Reunion based on the awesome MTV (when MTV was still good) show from the late 90s. Aubrey Plaza is great as Daria and somehow this needs to be made into a real movie.